10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Wales

Wales is quite prolifically loaded with history and mesmerizing architecture where you can discover some really interesting scenic views and profound travel getaways. If you are visiting Wales for the first time then the best part which you will like about it is the welsh language.

And other than its Celtic culture, the country is quite famous for its innumerable castles. The mountains which are located here are quite enchanting.


Aberystwyth is also known as ‘‘Aber’’ and is located on the west coast of Wales. You would be surprised to know that here there are about 7,000 students who attend school every year in this place.

And for young people, this is simply an exceptional opportunity for spending quality time with each other.  This city has got more than 50 pubs where you can relish with your friends and family. And historically speaking you will also be finding the remains of Norman castle built in Wales where you can feel the nuances of enriching history. If you ever visit Wales then this would be the place which you won’t want to miss. And if you have been planning on visiting this mind-blowing country then our travel specialists can help you get the cheapest airline fares to Wales.


It is situated in the northern part of wales city and is one of the best-preserved fortresses in all of the wales. And although the castle was built as a royal palace the inner buildings and apartments of this place have disappeared.

Overall, it is a great place where you can definitely learn a great deal about the resonating history and various aspects of this place. And the best way to discover this place would be traveling through cruises and with us, you get dirt cheap cruise vacation packages.


The Hay-on-Wye is quite an amazing town which is located very close to the English border and within the borders of Brecon Beacons National Park.  It also is known for the imminent Hay festival which is celebrated here on an annual basis and is sponsored by Guardian newspaper. And on this festival about 80,000 people come to discuss arts with well-known writers, philosophers, and other artists.

4.St. David’s Cathedral

St.David’s Cathedral is quite a great example of a religious architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. St.David in whose memory this has built was a welsh bishop of the Catholic Church in the 6th century and is buried in the site’s original structure.

If you ever visit Wales then this is the kind of place where you must definitely visit and if you are worried about the stress related to traveling then don’t because our travel insurance plans will have you covered throughout your journey.

5.Brecon Beacons National Park

Brecon Beacons National Park is named after the hills which are situated right in front of the park. Here you will be finding many clues and nuances of welsh incredible history. This park also contains many of the numerous caves and simply beautiful waterfalls. It is simply a must visit destination in Wales.


Cardiff is the country’s capital and was located in the southeast corner of wales. Two of the best tourist attractions in Wales are 74,200-seat Millennium sports stadium and the futuristic Wales Millennium Centre for the performing arts. It is simply an amazing travel getaway to visit in wales.


It is an ancient town with a simply great history. It was built in the year of 1280 and despite the turbulence of time the walls and the towers of this place are still intact.

If you ever visit this place then you will simply be mesmerized with the vstness of this place which is quite imposing. And with its Byzantine processional cross and 15th-century s,creens this church of St.Mary is definitely worth a visit.

8.Pembrokeshire Coast

You would be surprised to know that on an annual basis about 4 million people visit this national park. Known best for Pembrokeshire coast path this is the kind of place which runs for about 300 km along the cliffs. It is quite a significant place for those who love adventure and thrill. And not just that, here you can also explore numerous beaches along with fishing villages as well.


If you want to eat at someplace where you can see some of the iconic views of nature then Llandudno is the country’s largest seaside resort and is quite charming as well. Llandudno does possess all the attributes which the wealthy Victorians looked for in a summer resort.


These are truly one of the most popular places to visit in wales and reach about 3,000 feet in height. They offer quite a stunning backdrop to rivers, the estuaries, lakes, and rivers bestowing upon them a sensitive dramatically incredible effect.

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