15 Most Popular Places To Visit in South America

If you want to know traveling in its true essence then traveling to South America would be one of the wisest decisions which you would be making in your travel life. But, in this context, a simple question arises and that is why?

The answer is simple and that is owing to a vast concoction of simply mesmerizing piece cultures, vast mountains, amazingly scenic views and the perfect destinations it is the kind of place where you would find vibrant cities, impressive scenic views, deep traditions, wonderful restaurants and much more.

So, what are the best places in South America where you can go and satisfy your wanderlust needs! Well, don’t worry, here is the list.

1.Angel Falls, Venezuela

The Angel falls is simply an incredibly popular tourist spot to visit in South America. And it can prove to be one of the most breath-taking destinations which you will get to experience in your life. The height of this simply iconic waterfall is about 1000 meters and it is also known as the highest uninterrupted waterfall around the globe.

2.Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

If you want to the definition of amazing person then it becomes highly imperative that you visit Salar de Uyuni which is considered to be the world’s largest salt flat which spans an area of 10,000 square kilometers. Isn’t it an amazing fact to know! The awesomely majestic scenery of the place will definitely blow your mind away.

3.Machu Picchu, Perú

Machu Picchu is really an incredible city which was established in the 15th century but later in the years, it was abandoned as well by its people. And this famous citadel is quite famous for its huge stone walls and its somewhat mysterious history.

And if you really plan to visit Machu Picchu then it is suggested that you do so in the morning hours to completely imbibe its magnetic aura. And with this, we can say that Peru is one of the best travel destinations in America.

4.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is quite an amazing place to visit in South America. This is the kind of place which would definitely touch your heart. And the beaches, the restaurants all dd to its magnificent aura all the more!

5.Eje Cafetero, Colombia

Colombia is an incredible place to visit and offers the tourists seamless opportunities to explore and discover some of the most beautiful travel getaways. And when we talk about coffee then we can say that Colombia is simply one of the best. Here the most popular destinations are Salento, Filandia where you can except freshly brewed coffee which is audaciously rejuvenating.

6.Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Isla del Sol is simply a remarkable place to visit in South America. It is out and out a sacred place to visit where you can expect a cacophony of old legends and traditions. The lake which is situated here is simply huge and is simply no less than an ocean. If you ever visit Bolivia then Isla del Sol is the kind of place which you simply can’t miss.

7.Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

It won’t be wrong if we term the Cotopaxi National Park one of the most amazing attractions in Ecuador. As a tourist what you can expect here is to do a ton of activities like hiking and much more. However, it is to be kept in mind that it is quite challenging. But we you go to the top and that is 6,000 meters it is quite a unique experience in itself.

8.Iguazú Falls, Argentina, and Brazil

The word ‘Iguazu’ means big water. And it just suits the name as it is truly an exceptional wonder of nature. And it not to forget, that it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. And when you visit these amazing waterfalls then you won’t simply regret your decision of going there owing to its magnificent beauty.

9.Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

If you want to experience what colonial architecture looks like then visiting Cartagena de Indias, Colombia id one of the best cities on the continent itself. It is no doubt a lovely city with some really intense vibes and historical amusement.

10.Mount Roraima, Venezuela

The Mount Roraima in Venezuela is a unique table-shaped mountain. What you can expect here is the strange rock formations along with a considerable number if waterfalls. And the simple vastness of the place will blow away your mind and is worth an effort to visit this wonderful travel destination in Venezuela.

11.Torres del Paine, Chile

The Torres del Paine is actually quite a popular place to visit and create some really worthwhile memories with each other. However, this park definitely gets overcrowded when the season is high. It is definitely a must visit to travel to this kind of eclectic travel destination.

12.El Chaltén, Argentina

The Argentina Patagonia is a kind of place which is no less than a tourist paradise where you can travel in South America. The El Chalten is perhaps one of the best starting points for exploring this region.

13.Iquitos, Perú

If you visit Peru and don’t go to the Amazonas then it is highly recommended that you must. As this is the kind of place which deserves a few days spent in wandering around its markets and imbibing some really exciting insights about the history of rubber.

14.Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the kind of place where you must definitely go to and imbibe the entire necessary cosmopolitan hub with absolutely incredible museums and cultural centers. You won’t be disappointed if you visit Buenos Aires.

15.Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Chapada Diamantina in Brazil is the kind of place where you can expect to see giant valleys, deep canyons and other hundreds of truly spectacularly incredible waterfalls.

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