35 Amazing Ways To Make Money While Traveling

Who doesn’t want to travel the whole world?

And adding to that who wouldn’t like to make money while doing so? “If that could be possible” is everybody’s wish. Isn’t it so?

The amazing thing about mixing work with travel is that you as a person grow by manifolds and also get to understand different cultures and meet new people.

And after a point, it becomes about gaining new insights and being a better person rather than just money making.

Travel jobs help you live life the way you dreamt of living it in the first place.

So, what are those 35 amazing ways by which you can make money online?

Let’s discuss.

1. Teach English Language Abroad

Teaching English is perhaps one of the most interesting ways by which you can make money living abroad. Moreover, it will help you understand life better as you meet new people or your students.

2. Working In Hostels & Hotels

Working in hostels and hotels is again an another common way to make money while you are traveling. The great thing about is that you can switch your job easily and move on to the next one with ease giving you more space to travel and more space to breathe and know.

They can vary from reception staff, house-keeping and driving jobs as well.

3. Becoming Scuba Diving Instructor

Becoming a Scuba diving instructor is a very amazing way to travel to different and beautiful places at the same time. You can teach in Mexico, Maldives, Philippines, Hawaii, Egypt and many other travel destinations where you would very likely enjoy being an instructor owing to the perks.

4. Cruise Ships Jobs

For people who love to travel – one of the best jobs is to work on a ship. A cruise ship can be considered to be a massive floating hotel in the sea with every kind of entertaining facility.

And this can prove to be an opportunity for those who love to travel around.

5. Agricultural Jobs

Love working outdoors there can be no better job opportunity than working as a farmer. It is also one of the greatest ways to live far off the cities an alone kind of life.

6. Become A Flight Attendant

What better way can there be to become a flight attendant and travel across the globe taking a good amount of salary. And the perks which come with it are simply amazing like cheaper airfares, discounted deals on hotel booking and so much more.

7. Fruit Picking

The job of picking fruits can prove to be very productively paying job. However, it is a seasonal job. That is the shortcoming of it.

8. Construction Work

Construction work is for people who are kind of physically hardworking. However, it can pay you a good amount of money and quick money which can be risky at times.

9. Au Pair

These positions are offered to women. However, do it only if you love kids. Working as an au pair can be a great opportunity to work and at the same time live in another country.

10. Surfing Instructor

It is kind of similar to scuba diving instructor and is also another significant way to make money while traveling.

11. Bartender

Bartending is another great opportunity to learn new things and get a kind of exposure which can be drastically immense for you.

12. Massage Therapist

Becoming a massage therapist can provide you with a good amount of money while doing a job. You can easily mint $200 by becoming an Ayurveda massage therapist.

13. Yoga Teacher

By becoming a yoga teacher, you can open the gates of immense possibilities for yourself. No doubt, it is great to earn money while traveling across the globe.

14. Chef

There is a high demand for people who know and love to cook around the world. And if your passion is in cooking then it is a great opportunity for you to travel the world.

15. Local Tour Guide

Want to make money traveling around the world? Well, becoming a tour guide can be a great option for you.

You get to meet new people and foster some interesting connections along the way.

16. Street Performer

Becoming a street performer like a magician or musician is no doubt one of the best ways to enjoy, travel and make money simultaneously.

17. Crew On A Yacht

Would you mind sailing on Caribbean and Pacific Ocean? We don’t think so? So, why not join a crew on a yacht or a sailboat to travel across the globe.

18. Hair Stylist

Becoming a hairstylist can be a great way to make money while traveling abroad. You also get to know people and increase your network.

19. Becoming A Model

If you become a model then you get to travel to many places for your shoots and filming. In short, becoming a model is a very interesting opportunity for traveling around the world.

20. DJ

If you have excellent music skills, then you can think of becoming a DJ. Not just you will be playing songs but also get to groove on your own beats along with many others.

21.  House Sitter & Care Taker

Have you ever considered a place to stay for free? No? Well, then becoming a house sitter offers you with just the same kind of opportunity for yourself.

22. Make Jewellery & Sell It

It is a great way of making quick money and you also get to travel along with it as well.

23. Nurse

Becoming a nurse is a great way to make money along with traveling around the world. For this full-time job, you get to earn around US$30-60/hour. Not so bad, is it?

24. Travel Photographer

Becoming a travel photographer is also a great way of making money by selling your traveling photos to tourists and travelers alike.

25. Rent Your Room

You can rent your room on Air BNB and get paid. It is as simple as that.

26. Becoming A Graphic Designer

Becoming a graphic designer can also make you money online. And to meet your clients you may need to travel.

27. Translator

For the job of a translator, you may need to travel a lot perhaps with your clients. However, for that, you would be needing good command over your language skills.

28. Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager is also a great way to travel in your work hours. However, do keep in mind that it is a very time-consuming job and can eat up your day easily.

29. Writer

Becoming a writer has its own perks. For writing quality content, it may happen so that you may need to travel to maybe interview some people. It is a cool job if you are into writing and a fun experience as well.

30. Travel Blogger

Becoming a travel blogger is also a great way to kind of travel and make money. You also get to see many beautiful destinations along your way.

31. Video Editor

If you know some video editing skills, then you can use them for perhaps travel video making or for your vlogs and put them on YouTube and mint money.

32. Sell Your Photos

Selling your photos is kind of a great way to make money online. However, to sell the kind of photos you may need to travel to various beautiful destinations a lot of time.

33. Paid Surveys

You can also make money by paid surveys. However, keep them only for making some extra cash. And for filling out these survey forms you may also need to travel around.

34. Vlogger

Becoming a vlogger is a great opportunity to travel and simultaneously make some good amount of money. However, only do it if you know some video editing skills.

35.  Sell Your Piece Of Art

It is kind of a great profession to be an artist. However, for that, you can have your own exhibitions and sell your art. But to do that you would need to visit some really beautiful places and convey the true reality of them on your canvas.

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