The Biggest Food Fighting Festival in Spain

Around the world, you won’t find a single soul who doesn’t like festivals. Festivals are a part of our culture and our traditions and in some aspects they also complete us. It is during the times of festivals that people get to relax for a bit from their busy life schedule and perhaps, it is because of this reason that one can find a very wide range of festivals in every culture owing to their tendency to liberate our souls.

The Liberating Festival

And when it comes to festivals, Europe is truly an enriching place in this aspect. There are many popular European festivals which are exciting and magnanimous in their stature but today we will be focusing on just one: La Tomatina.

As discussed earlier that festivals attract thousands of people due to their magical and liberating aspect and, moreover, they are like a party and a party with an incredible food fight becomes all the more enticing which is just the case with La Tomatina. Every year, about 30,000 people from all over the world, mainly from England, Japan and other European countries, come to attend and participate in this unique festival.  If you like being crazy and the mess and you don’t mind getting drenched in slimy tomatoes then this is just the right festival for you to enjoy and have a great deal of fun. However, the one-hour long tomato fight may leave you exhausted and covered with a thick layer of tomato but that is plausible given the amount of fun which one has in La Tomatina. So, with all this, it becomes a great reason to fly for less to Spain and have all the fun while you can.

The Historical Aspect

If you go back in time to explore the history of La Tomatina, then you will be surprised to know that this humungous food festival originated as a local food fight between a group of friends in the year of 1945. They enjoyed it a great deal and owing to their experience they repeated it the next year again and the year after that too. But, however, the festival was banned in the year of 1955 and it was only after Franco’s death in the year of 1970 that it was resurrected again. Since then, it has become more and more popular with every passing year. And it may surprise you a little bit, but every year the city council provides the tomatoes which are used in the event.

The Celebrations

The festival starts in the morning itself. People wearing their old clothes starts heading from Valencia to Bunol. They get there and join the others only stopping for food in between. When the people reach to Bunol, that is when the real fun begins. The crowd during this particular time frame is too much. Practically there are thousands of people all around ready for this feisty festival. When the ham is caught, the party starts. You can practically see thousands of people throwing tomatoes at each other and other than that people pour drinks on each other and also break out into traditional tee-shirt fights. La Tomatina is celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit at the end of which lies 1,20,000 pounds of rotten tomatoes.

Some Useful Tips

However, it is not easy to survive La Tomatina but don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some useful tips which you can use if you have decided that you will be participating in this exceptional festival.

1)    First of all, it is necessary that you wear only those clothes about which you don’t really care.

2)    It would be nice if you use goggles during the festival to protect your eyes.

3)    If you love to take photographs then, it is advised that you use a water-proof camera or phone.

4)    Shoes with the extra edge of grip would really prove to be beneficial.

5)    Above all, enjoy and have a blast!

Fly to Spain and relish in this unique festival with your friends and loved ones and dance and go crazy with them because there is only one reason. Book flight tickets to Spain with us at cheap airfares. Dial +1 (844) 576-5505.

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