Top 10 Must-Visit Festivals Around The World

When it comes to festivals and the revelry, just about every person gets excited to the very core. Festivals bring with themselves bring a certain energy and truth which is ever expanding in its true aspect. With us know some of the best festivals and cultural events around the world. It cannot be denied that festivals have the uncanny and tremendous power to attract millions of people around the world culminating into an event of partying and drinking experiencing some of the most cherishing times of the year around.

1) The Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The carnival which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a phenomenal festival which takes place before Lent every year. It is attended by over 2 million people on an annual basis. The first festival of Rio dates back to 1823. The parade is filled with revellers who are fully adorned with quite an eclectic wardrobe. To experience and cherish this phenomenal festival book flight tickets to Rio de Janeiro at cheap airfares!

2) Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holidays with dragons and fireworks. It is considered to be China’s most significant day of the year. Its other name is the Spring Festival and the revelries continue to run from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month.

3) Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

It is quite interesting to know that a South-Korea company which dealt in cosmetics developed a line of beauty products which had mud from the Boryeong mud flats. And since the company wasn’t really interested in spending money on commercials the Boryeong festival was somehow developed. Here you can also enjoy live music and other interesting activities like acupuncture and even fireworks.

4) Burning Man – Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

The Burning Man is one of the most prestigious festivals where about 48,000 people gather around on an annual basis to create art and express individuality releasing their creative juices. In this festival a large effigy is set alight expressing art, radical self-expression and self-reliance. It is indeed one of the most popular festivals you won’t want to miss.

5) Harbin Ice and Snow Festival – Harbin, China

The Harbin Ice & Snow Festival portrays simply exquisite ice and snow sculptures around the world making it quite an interesting show. On an annual basis, people build some of the most incredible things around with just using ice and snow. It is literally a phenomenal experience.

6) White Nights Festival – St. Petersburg, Russia

The White Nights Festival is an international arts festival happening on an annual basis in Russia. This festival creates a series of classical ballet and opera events which include performances by Russian dancers and singers who are internationally and critically acclaimed worldwide.

7) Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) – Mexico

It is a Mexican holiday which is celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures as well. The fundamental aim of this festival is to gather with friends and family and pray for the ones who have departed from this world. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico. It is famous for building private altars and ofrendas used for honoring the deceased using skulls made of sugar and other favorite things of people who have died.

8) Running of The Bulls – Pamplona, Spain

Running of the bulls is much famous in all around the world. This particular festival has also been featured in many movies as well. In this spectacular festival, people run in front a small group of bulls that have been let loose on a course of sectioned-off terrain! Firstly, the rocket is set off at 8:00 am to alert the participants that the gate is open. Another rocket signals that the beasts have been released. After which when the rocket hits the sky, it means that the bulls have entered the ring which is also the culmination of the event.

9) Holi – India

Holi is a quite famous festival in India. It is also known as the ‘‘festival of colors’’ and it is an ancient religious festival celebrated by the Hindus and is started by Holika bonfire. The next morning after is an enticing carnival of colors in which many people can be seen chasing each other with colorful dry powder and colored water. Children and adults both can be seen playing equally joyfully with water-guns and color-filled balloons for a majestic water fight. Other than this, people can also be seen dancing and having fun in its true perspective.

10) Up Helly Aa Fire Festival – Scotland

The Up Helly Aa Fire Festival takes place on the last Tuesday of January on an annual basis. In this festival, it involves a series of marches which at the end is culminated in a torch-lit procession. There is a main guizer as well in this unique festival who is dubbed the ‘‘Jarl’’.  If you want to experience something which is quite iconic then this is just the right opportunity for you to seize and explore.

If you also want to experience and cherish a lifetime of experience then you must definitely consider visiting and attending these festivals. Dial +1 (844) 576-5505 and get exclusive discounted airfares to international destinations.

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