Top 10 Popular Tourist Attractions In Finland

Finland is the kind of country which is quite famous for its shimmering scenery and drastically majestic views. Here, perhaps the best thing which you can experience would be the northern lights which are quite peculiar and simply godlike.
The best activities in which you can indulge yourself with your loved ones would be swimming, fishing, barbecuing and last but not the least: sauna.
And if you visit Finland these 10 places are definitely a must visit.

1. Levi

Levi is the kind of place which is quite popular for its natural beauty. And if you are the type of person who loves adventures then this is no less than heaven for you. It is situated in the Finnish Lapland and boasts miles of trails for skiing and snowboarding. And not just that, there are many other activities on which you can try your hand like reindeer safaris, ice fishing expeditions as well. With this, we can say that it is one of the biggest tourist attractions to visit in Finland.

2. Tampere

Tampere is the kind of city which is absolutely amazing to visit. Being the third-largest city in Finland it is quite beautiful and quite iconic. And there are plenty of options to explore in this city like its restaurants, cultural hubs, museums and so much more.

3. Aland Archipelago

The Aland Archipelago are the kinds of islands which are mesmerizingly beautiful. The inhabitants of this city speak and use the Swedish language. The best part is that here, ferries shuttle visitors between the Aland Islands. There are many exceptional places where one can visit on these islands like the ship turned museum, the 14th-century castle, the kastelholm and much more.

4. Kemi

Kemi is a city which is known and famous for its pulp mills. However, in the perspectives of travelers, this castle is built on a yearly basis and it is about three stories tall and serve the venue for social occasions like weddings and live musical performances. This is the kind of place which has got a vibrant nightlife and is a majestic place when it comes to truly celebrate life.

5. Finnish Lakeland

As the name itself suggests, Finnish Lakeland is the kind of place where there are too many lakes. 55,000 lakes to be precise and they are at least 200 meters wide. This region is spread across the central and eastern Finland and is simply a great place to spend some unforgettable memories with each other at a place which can be considered to be one of the top-rated tourist spots in Finland.

6. Turku

Turku is situated along the coast and has served as the capital of the country itself during the times of 19th century. If the facts are to be believed then it is also the oldest nation in Finland. Some of the most magnificent things which one can explore and discover in Turku are the 13th century Turku castle, the twin museums, the neighborhood of Luostarinmaki. These are the types of areas which one must definitely visit if you get the chance to go to Turku.

7. Porvoo

If as a tourist you want to explore something completely different then the wooden houses of the Porvoo town are just the thing which you need to see. They belong to the 13th century and not just that, there are many other old architectural structures like the Porvoo cathedral and other options include exploring the local crafts of the Porvoo museum.

8. Savonlinna

Savonlinna is a petite city which is located in the very heart of Finnish Lakeland. This is the kind of city which is quite famous for its enriching history and architectural gems. And talking about its primary attraction, we can say it is Olavinlinna which was built in the 15th century itself is its main attraction.

9. Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the perfect place if you want to experience the incredible beauty of Lapland and for satisfying this purpose it is the ultimate getaway for it all. However, one interesting thing to know about Rovaniemi is that during the second world war it was more or less completely destroyed owing to the loss of precious architecture which was built since ages. However, still, it is the home for some of the most wonderful attractions in Finland.

10. Helsinki

Helsinki is actually an insanely popular travel destination across the globe. And it is quite an interesting fact but it was built to replicate St.Petersburg. If you ever visit Helsinki then its old architectural wonders like its churches, cathedrals are the kind of places which will definitely blow your mind away.
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