Top 10 Things You Can Do in Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most phenomenal places around the world which has got a unique sense of charm about the place. What is so special about this place? Well, about 5 million tourists visit this place on an annual basis and that must answer the above-asked question. If you are a lover of traveling then this is the place that you should visit which has an immense and inexplicable capacity of evoking certain heart-wrenching emotions which are really tremendous in their nature. What is really likable about this place is the fact that it can also serve as a romantic getaway for couples. Book your airline tickets at lowest airfares to United States.

What is really a mesmerizingly interesting fact that the Grand Canyon is about 277 miles (446km) long and up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and more than a mile (6,000 feet) deep! Regarding its formation, there is a theory that it was formed because of constant erosion of Colorado River over a considerable period of time. Fly to Grand Canyon via major airlines. Book your cheap air tickets with us at discounted prices.

So, if you ever visit this iconic place then you must know what to do and what not to and what places to visit. So, today we will be discussing that what are the places which you can visit in this somewhat brutally electrifying.

1)  The Grand Canyon Village

If you want to experience something which is truly magical in nature then this is the place that you ought to visit. The Grand Canyon Village is basically the entrance of this vast place. Here you can click that perfect click of yours with your loved ones. Yavapai point is perhaps the best viewpoints and can be considered to be so taking the Grand Canyon in its entirety. And when you are perhaps too tired of clicking the pictures then there are many factors of historical significance that includes Grand Canyon Railway and a traditional Hopi Craft Studio.

2)  Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk is 4,000 feet above the ground. The bridge has got a glass bottom which can prove to be scary. From here, the views are simply iconic and exceptionally beautiful as your eyes span the entire canyon meeting at the skyline. It sure is an adrenaline pumping exercise. So, if you are looking for a heart gazing exercise then this is just the right place to be. Get the best flight deals with us in order to walk the Grand skywalk.

3)  Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you really want to experience Grand Canyon at its best then, taking a helicopter tour is strongly recommended, very strongly. It will allow you to feel the vastness of this exotic place and create a certain sense of reverence for the place.

4) Hike Around The Rim Trail

If you ever visit Grand Canyon and don’t do hiking around the rim trail then even the thought of going there is a waste in the first place itself and it is not worth it all. The hike stretches for around 12 miles in total with the eastern side being crowded. What is really interesting is the fact that here you will also be finding a good number of restaurants and cafes.

5) Colorado River Rafting

If you believe in testing your beliefs and perspectives in life then this is just the thing for you to do. Being mesmerized by the fact that river rafting can be done here is absolutely a mind-boggling thing to believe which you won’t be forgetting till a very long period of your life.

6) Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is one of the mesmerizing places which will certainly give you goosebumps and a sense of strong wonder. Watching the crystal clear blue waters of the place generates a certain sense of vastness within you. The gushing waters are the most beautiful sight to watch in Grand Canyon.

7) Grand Canyon Railway

It was built in the year of late 1800’s; this is genuinely a historic railroad which was originally used to transport ore from Anita mines. However, owing to the rise in popularity and accessibility of the automobiles it was shut down in the year of 1968. Then, it went an extensive restoration and was reopened in 1989.

8) North Rim

In terms of grandly spectacular views, the North Rim is one of the main sites which can provide you with simply incredible views of the place. The North Rim also is known to be a rugged and somewhat isolated place. You as a tourist can also swing by through the 8,803 foot imperial highest point on the North Rim.

9) North Kaibab Trail

North Kaibab Trail is the area’s premiere hike point which directly leads to Colorado river. However, during the summer season, the temperatures are really very hot and are unforgiving to the hikers. So, it is advisable to go there in spring and summer seasons.

10) The Watch Tower

Climb up the 70 feet tall watch tower to imbibe the natural beauty of this place. And it is when you see the view from up here that you realize the insignificant nature of all human emotional projections and sufferings.

So, what have you decided then? Well, it is certain that you would definitely want to go to Grand Canyon. So, what are you waiting for then grab the best airfares for flights to United States, Arizona right away and get huge discounts on your flight tickets! Simply dial +1 (844) 576-5505

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