Top 11 Most Unusual Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

We all know what Valentine’s day means to especially those who are in love and who have experienced this somewhat pure emotion and have imbibed it into their very being. On this day, we can see that stores are tremendously over-brimming with merchandise like teddy bears, chocolates and other items which are specially designed for this special occasion celebrating love. Celebrated on the 14th of February has garnered a phenomenal amount of popularity not just in specific part of the world but on a global level.

Finland & Estonia

You would be somewhat surprised to know that Valentine’s day in Finland and Estonia does not just celebrate the emotion of love but of friendship as well. During this festival, the people celebrate by exchanging gifts and greeting cards with their loved ones on which the tagline is ‘Happy Friends Day’. Unusual, isn’t it?


It is not quite known a fact but the Chinese people have been celebrating their own version of this peculiar festival since ages which is known as The Qixi festival. Its origins lies in the folklores and folktales of two lovers. According to the legend, a simple cow-herd and a princess were separated apart and they were only allowed to reunite on a single day once a year. And during this festival the couples who are in love visit to the temples making their pious prayers to the stars Vega and Altair pass in the sky. Indeed it is quite a popular valentine’s day travel destination.


It is quite an interesting fact to know that the Argentinians celebrate this immense festival signifying love in the month of July as well. And what is really great is the fact that they call it the ‘Sweetness week’. In the week ranging from 13th & 20th couples exchange sweet things like kisses and candies and chocolates.  If you want to visit Argentina then you can book cheap valentine’s day vacation packages with our travel specialists.


Anyone would tell you that finding love is equal to finding a treasure itself. And during this festival, all the single people can be seen lining up in houses facing each other and calling each other buy the windows until the people are paired as a consequence. And then comes the interesting part. The people who are left partner-less build a bonfire burning the effigy of people who rejected them. This is quite unusual.


It’s the girl power which spoils the object of their affection with chocolates on Valentine’s day. For husbands, boyfriends who are connected with a pious feeling are hand delivered. However for the males who are not that popular among girls are bestowed with obligation chocolate or an ultra-obligation chocolate  (giri-choco, cho-giri choco respective terms for obligation and ultra-obligation chocolates)


Gaekkebrev which is a Norwegian tradition dates back to the 18th century itself means joke-letters in English language and is quite funny as well. In this unique valentine’s day tradition, a secret admirer pen poems to their beloved before cutting intricate patterns into the paper and inserting a white snowdrop flower inside. Accordingly, the ‘joke’ comes from the letter’s and anyhow this festival gives the chance of becoming poets to many aspiring and budding poets.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, we can say that Valentine’s day is celebrated in quite an exotic and lush style. And if you have ever dreamt of getting married before your friends, best friends, relatives, and neighbors then this would be just the right opportunity for you as on every 14TH February hundreds of couples gather in public places to get married.


Slovenia is quite an amazing country and here on 14th February is celebrated as the first day of working in the fields. There is a peculiar belief that specifically on this day the plants starts to germinate.

South Korea

This has been adapted from the Japanese tradition where women give chocolates and receive presents in return on the White day. And interestingly, the Koreans have taken this festival a bit further by adding a day of mourning for being forever alone and is celebrated on the 14th-April.

South Africa

The South-Africans celebrate this day of love with chocolates, flowers and candlelit dinners which is just fantastic. But if the normal way of doing things like giving cards or chocolates doesn’t work out then people of South-Africa literally carry their hearts on their sleeves in the sense that young women pin the name of their love on their sleeves for the entire day. It is indeed a strange valentine’s day traditions followed around the world.


In wales, it is quite uncommon to know that couples celebrate their love on St Dwynwen’s day rather than on 25th January instead. And here young men choose to present intricately carved spoons to their sweethearts instead.  This unique tradition has been inspired by sea-sailors who used to carve out presents on wood for their better-halves.

So, with this who can say that romance is dying in this world or love is dying? The fact is that it can never happen so and people will always celebrate this pious emotion in some way or the other. Fly to these destinations to experience love with your lover. Call now at +1 (844) 576-5505 for availing best discounts.

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