It is to be duly noted that all of our airline flight tickets, hotels, vacation packages and service fees are absolutely non-refundable. But if the user(s) has/have not commenced travel yet, user(s) are eligible for the due refundable process within 10 days of purchase at the most. For doing this, user(s) will need to contact the customer service center for cancellation of the air tickets, hotels and vacation packages. We may only accept refund request for the subsequent conditions which are provided in the below section:

1) The fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds
2) User not a "no show" and
3) Our ability to secure waivers from TSP(s)

All the imperative refund requests are processed and executed in a sequentially chronological format. But we as a travel agency may not able to provide a specific time frame that for how long this process may take. When our customer service agent received user's cancellation request, we'll provide an email notification as an acknowledgement to the customers with a tracking number which they can use to track. After reception of our customer’s cancellation request, we will be proceeding with the travel service provider(s) including airline, car-rental companies, hotels to generate a waiver based on their rules and will be notifying the user of the supplier decision. Please note that we're dependent on the suppliers and do not guarantee for receiving the requested amounts of refunds. If such refund request is not processed by the supplier, we will be refunding user(s) our refund processing fees, but not our previously charged service fees for the original travel reservation or booking.