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Rome is a city which can really prove to be a heart refreshing place for the tourists. It is really a place where you can expect to see some of the most beautiful monuments. Book your luxury flight deals with us now! 

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If you are considering about visiting Rome then we are simply a one-stop resource for all your travel needs ranging from top tourist attractions to the popular restaurants where you can have your dining experience as per your budget. You will also be finding all the necessary information regarding the best means of transportation which you can consider for getting around in the country to the most suitable times and as per your specific travel needs. To sum up, we can say that here we will be talking about every minute detail which you would need to make your trip a success and a memorable one.


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Rome is one of the most fantastic cities when it comes to food, history, and restaurants. Rome is known for its heart-wrenching history and exotic food. It offers a great opportunity to people to roam with their loved ones in the plush streets which are full of emotions and people. Rome is full of some of the most iconic tourist attractions which are amazing to explore and discover.

Interesting Facts about Rome

  1. Rome is located in the center of Italy near the west coast.
  2. Rome is bordered by the Tiber River, about 15 miles from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  3. Euro is used as Rome’s currency.
  4. Another name for Rome is Eternal city.
  5. Rome has got a very profound history in the ancient world as it existed for about 12 centuries.

Top Attractions in Rome

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Must Visit Tourist Attractions

Colosseum – Colosseum is a very well-known piece of historical architecture and is mostly known by everyone. Constructed between 72AD and 80AD it still experiences a considerable amount of visitors which are basically in thousands. There is even an audio-guided tour of the Colosseum so don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Roman Forum - Situated between the Palatine and Capitoline hills in a small valley, Roman Forum is a historical attraction of this exceptionally beautiful city. Earlier in history, it was used for the purpose of debates and elections and public speeches and social gatherings.


Pantheon - Pantheon is a former temple of the Roman people where they used to worship Roman gods. It is located on the south side of Piazza della Rotonda. If you really want to experience this amazing place then do visit in the mornings to avoid the crowds.


Vatican City - Vatican City is probably one of the most beautiful cities around the world and is known for its impeccably beautiful architecture. The Vatican museums, the gardens make it one of the most amazing tourist attractions.

Best Times To Visit Rome

Spring - There is no best time to visit Rome as such. Every time of the year has something special for the tourists who are planning to visit this great city. But if you really desire then, the months of April and May are the perhaps the best time to make a visit Rome.

Summer - The summer season also witnesses a considerable amount of tourists who are excited to explore and discover this city, which is a great amalgamation of culture and history. However, the fall can be considered to be the off season. You can book your round-trip business class flights with us to Italy from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, UAE and many other countries.  

Fall – The autumn season in Rome is one of the best seasons to visit. The weather in this season is great and one gets to see the true colors of autumn, the shades which are really brilliant. What is even great that the number of tourists during this season starts declining which provides an opportunity for you to explore the hidden aspects of this eternal city.

Winters - During the winters the day-time temperatures can go up to 50-60° F. The night-time temperatures are usually freezing. So, if you are considering visiting Rome during this time of the year then, please also consider to carry lots of sweaters and raincoats and stuff like that.

Transportation in Rome

Metro – The Roman metro has got three lines. It proves to be a very convenient means of transportation for the locals as well as the tourists.

Buses – Buses are also a great option for your commutes.  Rome has got an extensive bus network and, if however, you are expecting orderly queues then you will be disappointed on seeing the scramble for taking the bus which people go through on a daily basis.

Taxi – Taxis are also a good option for budget travel; the fares are quite reasonable. They can be found easily across airports, bus stations, rail road stations and taxi stands.

Best Restaurants in Rome

Fine Dining
Fine Dine Restaurants -Talking about the fine-dine experience there are many restaurants like Ristorante Life, Babette, Antico Arco, Open Colonna which provides its customers with one of the most savoring experiences throughout.
Mid-Range Restaurants
Mid-Range Restaurants -Talking about the mid-range restaurants, you can visit L’Archetto, Trattoria Vecchia Roma, Da Enzo which offers its customers an opportunity to dine at a budget-friendly place.
Budget-Friendly Restaurants
Cheap Eats -Talking about the cheap eats there are many places like Universo Vegano, Bacio di Puglia, Duecento Gradi where you can expect to have a quick bite with your friends and create memories.