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Slovenia is elegant, wild and beautiful in all its macro as well as minute aspects. It won’t be wrong in comparing this splendid country with its snow-capped peaks and heart-warming rivers. If you want to explore a charming culture with a delicate and delicious cuisine experience then, visiting this country is just the right decision for you. Book your first class flight tickets at cheap business class fares right away.

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If you are considering about visiting Slovenia then we are simply a one-stop resource for all your travel needs ranging from top tourist attractions to the popular restaurants where you can have your dining experience as per your budget. You will also be finding all the necessary information regarding the best means of transportation which you can consider for getting around in the country to the most suitable times and as per your specific travel needs. To sum up, we can say that here we will be talking about every minute detail which you would need to make your trip a success and a memorable one.


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Slovenia is one of the most spectacular and enriching places in terms of iconic and scenic views and unique culture. It becomes a must to visit such a place which offers unique and great travel opportunities. So, why wait when you can explore and discover new places as well as new opportunities for self-growth and self-discovery. You can book your cheap airlines reservations to Slovenia via major airlines like Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, Austrian Airlines and many more major airlines.

Interesting Facts about Slovenia

  1. In Slovenia, there are over 10,000 caves, that is a spectacular fact in itself.
  2. You would be quite surprised to know that in Slovenia there is a vineyard over 70 people.
  3. Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and despite its uncanny name, it translates into a very beautiful translation of ‘loved one’
  4. The country of Slovenia has got a coastline of just about 46 km but despite even a short coastline it offers spectacular views and is a pure heaven to visit.
  5. In Slovenia, there are 400 brown bears.

Top Attractions in Slovenia

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Must Visit Tourist Attractions

Mount Triglav – Mount Triglav is the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. Standing at a great height of 2,864 meters it is situated in the national park of the same name. The same is also on the national flag of the country. To experience this phenomenal place, book your cheap first class air tickets to Slovenia.


Soča River Rafting – If you want to experience some thrill and adventure then this can be considered as a great option. The best months for participating and experiencing such thrill are from April to October.


Postojna Cave –This cave is the most visited site as you can see flocks of tourists visiting this spectacular cave. It is here that you will be finding the endangered Proteus anguinus which is a blind salamander also known as ‘the human fish’ owing to its pinkish color. The length of this cave is about 20.6 km. It is advisable that you book your business class plane tickets right to Slovenia and get to experience this cave of humungous nature.


Lipica Stud Farm – Lipica is the place where the Lipizzaner horses are believed to be bred. It was in the year of 1580 that Hapsburg Archduke who was the son of Ferdinand I established the stud farm and had produced horses. Still. The horses are bred in Lipica at the picturesque Stud Farm.

Best Times To Visit Slovenia

Spring – Although the weather during Spring season is really great, but you must expect sudden turns in the weather as it can become quite unpredictable throughout Slovenia. The rain and cool days are quite common. The spring is drier and warmer if you want to explore Slovenia.

Summer – In summer, the temperature is quite warm in the country. In terms of tourism, the season is high as you can see quite a lot of people (tourists) during the summers. Popular destinations like Ljubljana, Piran and Lake Bohinj gets jam-packed with tourists. And despite the rain, it is the driest season if we talk in terms of the season in Mediterranean coast.

Fall – The fall season is a very good option against summers. In this season, the days are affectionately warm. It is this season that witnesses a good amount of rainfall and owing to the same fact it is the wettest season in Slovenia.

Winter – The winters in Slovenia is a simply majestic time to visit this spectacular country. In winter, the Alpine areas are quite cold and chilly during this season. However, despite the cold and chilly temperatures, the coastal areas are much more comfortable comparatively.

Transportation in Slovenia

Trains – Talking about both the domestic and international trains, they arrive at and depart from central Ljubljana’s main train station. Here you will be finding a separate information center. The trains are very precise and follow their time table at a very strict pace.

Bus – The buses in Slovenia cover up most of the towns and even the countryside. The tourists can buy their tickets directly from the bus driver while at the major stops; you can even buy a bus ticket for a particular time frame and date.

Taxi – The taxis in Ljubljana are very clean and can be relied upon. However, it is best advised that you don’t board taxis with no visual signs on their cars. These are the sort of taxi drivers who work individually and are based in front of hotels and they try and earn much as possible on every customer as they can.

Best Restaurants in Slovenia

Fine Dining
Fine Dine – If we talk in terms of the fine dine restaurants then Restavracija Strelec, Valvasor, Manna are some of the best options in the fine-dine category.
Mid-Range Restaurants
Mid-Range – If you are looking for mid-range options in restaurants then Monstera bistro, Pri Skofu, Hisa Pod Gradom restaurant are some of the popular restaurants which you must definitely consider if you want to eat out with family and friends in a budget-friendly way.
Budget-Friendly Restaurants
Cheap Eats – Looking for cheap eats options in restaurant sector then Odprta Kuhna, Klobasarna, Druga Violina are some of the options which can be considered where you can eat delicious food in limited budget.