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Switzerland is one of those iconic and gorgeous countries, the scenic views of which have the power to create heart-wrenching and soul provoking thoughts. Make your business class flight bookings to Switzerland now to get the exclusive business class flight deals.

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If you are considering about visiting Switzerland then we are simply a one-stop resource for all your travel needs ranging from top tourist attractions to the popular restaurants where you can have your dining experience as per your budget. You will also be finding all the necessary information regarding the best means of transportation which you can consider for getting around in the country to the most suitable times and as per your specific travel needs. To sum up, we can say that here we will be talking about every minute detail which you would need to make your trip a success and a memorable one.


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When it comes to visiting a place which has the immense capacity to offer you with thought provoking and heart wrenching scenic views then Switzerland is the place which you must consider visiting. Book you first class flight tickets to Switzerland right away to discover a whole new dimension of ethereal beauty. Get the exclusive flight deals from our travel specialists via major airlines Swiss International Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa Airlines.

Interesting Facts about Switzerland

  1. The total population of Switzerland is about 8.3 million.
  2. Switzerland is one of the two countries to have a square flag which is amazing.
  3. In Zurich, you will get the most expensive and apparently the tastiest coffee around the world. Another reason to book your business class flight tickets to Switzerland.
  4. In Switzerland, the citizens can challenge any law passed by the parliament.
  5. Albert Einstein who is considered to be the most famous scientist of all time discovered his world famous formula E=MC2 in Switzerland.

Top Attractions in Switzerland

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Must Visit Tourist Attractions

Jungfraujoch - The Top of Europe- One of the most popular journeys which you can make while you in Switzerland is the visit to Jungfraujoch which is the top-most point in Europe.  Fundamentally it is a science observatory with a terrace perched at a great height of 3,454 meters. The longest glacier which also begins at Jungfraujoch is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Matterhorn - Matterhorn is Switzerland’s highest pointed peak, standing tall at a great height of 4,478 meters. It has been used by many painters and artists and in many movies as well around the globe. However, the first ever climbing expedition turned out to be a tragic one as the four climbers fell to their death from the great height of the mountain.


Interlaken - Interlaken is nestled between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz to the east.  And it is in the center of the town that Hohematte which is a marvel in itself is spanning at 35 acres is situated.


Lake Geneva - Lake Geneva is one of the most sought-after and culturally beautiful lakes not just in Switzerland but in the whole world. And about 62 kilometers from Geneva the town of Lausanne has incredible sight-seeing. Having a walk with your loved ones in the old medieval town with its mesmerizing cafes makes it all the more interesting to book your business class flight tickets to this amazing country.

Best Times To Visit Switzerland

Spring- Spring is also one of the best times to visit Switzerland. It is in spring that the country of Switzerland comes alive an blooming with its flora and fauna beauty.

Summer- The best time to visit Switzerland is the summer. It is when you can enjoy the most desirable and panoramic views of the country. The greenery and the floral beauty of Switzerland is simply amazing and breath-taking. So, if you are planning to visit Switzerland then make sure you fly business class with the major airlines.

Fall- It is in the fall that you experience the best of both the seasons. So, if you are planning to visit Switzerland and want to know the best of both the seasons then it is the time of the year which you want to visit this incredibly amazing country.

Winter- If you want to experience the fun of skiing and other sports activities which are done in snow then winters is the best time to visit Switzerland.

Transportation in Switzerland

Railways- The railway networking system in Switzerland is very well organized and convenient and is fairly cheap as well. So, if you want to save your time and want to cover longer distances in short period of time then opting for railway is a good option.

Buses- The buses in Switzerland are very pristine and offer an amazing service. You will the buses here to be very comfortable and deliver their services exactly on time which is a good thing.

Taxi- It is advisable that you only choose taxi if it is urgent because comparatively it is much expensive. But if you prefer your privacy over other issues then it is completely fine to travel.

Cars- If you possess your own car then it is the best way to travel and span the roads of Switzerland. What’s best is that at the same time you can also experience the plush panoramic views of this exceptional country.

Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Fine Dining
Fine Dine - Kronenhalle Restaurant, Hotel Helvetia, Kindli Restaurant are some of the best options if you want to experience a fine-dine cuisine experience.
Mid-Range Restaurants
Mid-Range - Alpenrose, Angkor, Brasserie Seefeld are some of the best options in mid-range restaurants where you can have a hearty meal with your friends and family without restraining on your pocket.
Budget-Friendly Restaurants
Cheap Eats - Balmers Hostel – Fondue & raclette, Layaly Beirut – Lebanese restaurant, Barracuda – Coffee & bar are some of the best cheap eat options if you are considering eating hygienic food at fairly low prices with your friends and colleagues.